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The Mall

The Mall

The Safa Gold Mall is a unique experience of shopping and entertainment with the class of environment you would love to live in, located in the hub of Islamabad’s most sophisticated area. Safa Gold Mall has an average footfall of 20 thousand visitors per day out of which 30-40% of visitors are our esteemed foreign guests. Safa Mall has everything for every type of visitor from shopping to the health and state-of-the-art fitness club, sauna bath, and swimming pool.

Multiplex cinema screens are underway and are to be completed by the start of next year which is the only lacking in the mall to date. Every age group does have attractions for them in the mall and we are proud to have our satisfied valued customers (brands) and visitors.

Mall has its own internal security system and under-roof valet parking on complete two floors including external parking for hundreds of vehicles. Safa Gold Mall has been designed especially focusing on the highest standards of lifestyle and shopping for the citizens of Islamabad and our esteemed visitors of other cities and countries.